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  • Promissory Notes – Mortgage Notes
  • Secured Notes – Unsecured Notes
  • Performing Notes – Non-Performing Note
  • Business Notes – Personal Notes
  • Discounted Notes – Defaulted Notes

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  • Expert Witness – Expert Consulting
  • Valuation Advice – Estate Consulting
  • Divorce and Dissolution Valuations
  • Litigation and Arbitration Valuation Consulting
  • Investor Valuation Advice and Consulting

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Cash-Flow Financial Assets Valued

Attorneys, CPA’s, Tax Planners, Trust Administrators, Investment Advisors, Probate Administrators, Investors, and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) must know the Fair Market Value cash-flow financial assets such as promissory notes, mortgage notes, Divorce notes, and intro-family loans. A professionally prepared Qualified Appraisal Report by a Qualified Appraiser is required.

Our appraisal reports are backed by over 35 years of active, hands-on experience in the note and cash-flow industry.

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