IRS Qualified Appraisals by a Qualified Appraiser

LLC’s, Checkbook IRA’s & Other Cash-flow Assets

Nation-Wide Appraisal and Valuation Services for Alternative Assets and Non-Traditional Assets

The Internal Revenue Service is concerned with IRA accounts holding unique assets—-LLC’s, Real Estate, Limited Partnerships, Alternative Assets and Non-Traditional Assets. The IRS is focused on legal compliance and taxation reporting associated with these unique assets for:

  1. year-end valuations
  2. prohibited transactions
  3. unrelated business taxable income
  4. liquidity issues

 Annual Fair Market Value Appraisals

An annual Fair Market Value of all assets owned by your IRA account is required by the IRS. Each asset in a Limited Liability Company LC or Limited Partnership is required to have an annual Fair Market Value provided. A “Qualified Appraisal by a Qualified Appraiser” is necessary. The IRA account holder is responsibility for obtaining the FMV appraisals annually.

Other Examples of “Unique Assets are:

  • Real Estate, Land, and Liens—all types
  • Leases-Lease Options-Sub-leases
  • Partnerships
  • Tax Liens-Tax Certificates
  • Gold & Silver
  • Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment
  • Oil and Gas Interests
  • Family Limited Partnerships

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